Boge Screw Compressor Range

  • Boge C4 LDR Screw CompressorWeighing in at 230 kg this unit is supplied with a refrigerant dryer delivering dry air at a maximum of 12 cfm. The units dimensions are 1700 x 590 x 1130 mm (W x D x H).
  • Boge Screw Compressor Air-EndWith high quality bearings selected in the largest possible size for the design lead to a calculated service life twice as long as previous models.
  • Boge C20 Screw CompressorThe compact C 20 LDR is now available even quieter than ever before thanks to the introduction of the new super silencer hood, making this range ideal for point of use applications.
  • Boge SLF30 frequency controlled screw compressorThe frequency converter is primarily used for the airend speeds and motor control to produce the required momentary air demands.
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Thousands of local and international businesses benefit from the reliability and efficiency afforded to them by their rotary screw compressor systems.

Boge Screw Compressor Application

Enerquip stock, supply and service a range of quality rotary screw compressors by BOGE for the best of German engineering. Our partnership with BOGE means that you benefit from Service + Reliability.

Our screw compressors supply instrument grade compressed air. Better still, you can upgrade to food-grade and other ISO standards to suit your application.

The clever design of a rotary screw compressor means that you will enjoy stable air pressure and vibration-free operation, which assist in prolonging your compressor's lifespan.

We have distributed BOGE screw compressors, dryers and ancillary equipment throughout Australia and the greater Brisbane region. These machines can withstand the toughest applications in the toughest environments.

Just like Enerquip, BOGE screw compressors provide efficient and high quality products. With 120 years of combined engineering expertise, you're in safe hands with BOGE and Enerquip.